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Creative and innovative missional community experiments with paradigms, people and places.

If the 5 billion unchurched in the world are to be deeply impacted by the 2.5 billion who are, we’ve got to think outside the box and even no box! The Lab translates Kiwerr’s think tank research into experimental missional engagement ideas that offer real impact by capturing, developing, and innovatively applying cutting-edge thinking from within and beyond the missions world for planting missional communities and mobilizing movements. Working with leading researchers, external collaborators and partners, we explore with international students/alumni ideas that shape the disciple-making and missional community movements of tomorrow.  While remaining biblically-based and theologically-faithful, the lab pries apart and tests pervading ecclesiological paradigms to the max, sparing no ‘holy cows,’ all so that no people or place is left behind, without a body of believers.

The lab’s paradigms and praxes are driven by new and emerging phenomena in movements in general, and disciple-making and missional community planting movements in particular. Innovative missional community pioneering and engagement are tried and tested by both fellows in the incubator and others outside the Kwiverr fraternity.

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