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Organizational dynamics consulting and re-engineering for flourishing into flywheels.

Our Kwiverr accelerator gives missional communities, churches, organizations and groups desirous of sparking, becoming or catalyzing movements access to mentorship, training, investors and other support that help them become stable, self-sufficient, sustainable movements.

These bodies that use the Kwiverr accelerator are typically missional community start-ups that have moved beyond the earliest stages of getting established and established organizations seeking a new lease of life. They have basically entered their “adolescence,” meaning they can stand on their own two feet but need guidance and peer support to gain strength. Less developed churches, organizations and groups not ready for an accelerator would instead use the Kwiverr incubator for initial support.

In addition to mentorship, training and investment opportunities, the Kwiverr accelerator gives growing bodies access to logistical and technical resources. The accelerator also connects churches, organizations, missional communities and movements to networks of peers whose experience they can learn from.

An accelerator process or programme can last anywhere from two to six months. The goal is for churches, organizations and groups to emerge ready to run on their own, with strong positioning to claim a share in the significant movements to close the Great Commission in our lifetime. 

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