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About Us

Our Story

The Kwiverr incubator is a research-based, biblically-informed, hospitality-fostered space, offering life-on-life coaching and four-part training and development in spiritual formation, leadership formation, communal formation and missional formation for international students and alumni desirous of catalyzing disciple-making and church-planting movements and planting missional communities among mainly unreached people groups.

It is an 18-month incubator for 18 emerging missional community planters among the last and least reached, unreached and unengaged people groups in the world. The incubation is mainly online with a maximum of three in-person sessions at the beginning, mid-way and towards the end of the period.

While incubator cohorts are generally a global mix, special incubators are launched as well for specific geographic, demographic, field, issue and network considerations.

Emotionally-Healthy, Below-the-Surface Spiritual Transformation

You will be inspired, positioned and empowered to experience slowed-down being with Jesus and a contemplative lifestyle combined with emotional awareness, intelligence and health. This is based on the insight that “it is impossible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.” Complete discipleship means being intimate with Jesus, imitating Him and being an influencer for Him.

Leadership, Communal and Missional Formation

From texts, audiovisual/digital media and life-on-life interaction, the spiritual formation in the incubator is coupled with leadership formation in a manner which naturally leads to your pioneering, nurturing and catalyzing movements of missional communities. This is the goal of the entire incubator paradigm and praxes.

Learning in a Diverse Community Over Time

Although the intensive phase of the cohort is learning in a diverse community over 18 months, the ethos of the Kwiverr incubator is life-long learning, in the context of a diverse community. Following the principles of andragogy, learning is an interactive and immediately applicable adult-learning community experience involving a blended learning approach of online (self-directed preparation to integrate learning with practice), virtual live connections as well as in-person, incarnational experiences. Along with scheduled class calls and topical workshops, there are three four-day intensive physical gatherings that include worship, training and small group breakout sessions. These are at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the 18-month incubation. Peer support from your cohort and small group learning cluster provides a safe space for processing life and leadership issues.

Extended Learning Community

A key aspect of the experience is your engagement as a learner and contributor beyond the cohort, sharing your learnings and insights with people in your context, including your spouse, key supporters, supervisor/board, and direct reports.

Teaching and Training

Your learning focus will include interaction with trainers and materials on various leadership topics.

Transformational Coaching

Right at the outset, mentoring in the form of coaching is an emphasis to provide the inspiration, clarity of vision and strategy, skills and accountability on this capacity-building journey for movements. Trained and certified coaches will meet with you at least twice a month to navigate your learning, identify key growth areas for your leadership and guide the on-the-ground planting, nurturing and catalyzing of missional movements. There are other forms of mentoring like spiritual directorship, counseling and contemporary modeling but coaching is the mainstay of the Kwiverr incubator.

Assessments and Individualized Feedback

Professional assessments, reports, and one-on-one coaching with an assessment specialist will grow your self-awareness and authentic leadership and guide you to develop a personal leadership development & growth plan.

Revolutionary Tools

There are a variety of spiritual, emotional, relational, leadership, communal and missional tools that are provided to enhance the journey to and throughout missional community planting and catalyzing.

Spouse and Partners engagement

Provision is made for spouse participation in the assessment process, if you are married. Some sessions will be open to spouses. Certainly spouses and key partners or supporters are invited to join in for the commencement celebration.

Significant Academic Laurels

Not only can the Kwiverr experience be leveraged for significant transfer credits and cost savings toward master’s level and doctoral degrees, you are entitled to a post-graduate certificate from an accredited Canadian higher education institution. You will also be deemed eligible to apply for Research Fellowship of the Kwiver Think Tank.


International Student or Alumnus

(those from Unreached People Groups will be given priority)

18 - 35

FAITH-full* Christ-follower

desirous of seeing God’s glory among UPGs through movements of missional communities.

FAITH is an acronym for Faithful, Available, Influential, Teachable and Hungry. 



June-October 2023


December 2023

Virtual Connection

January 2024

Physical Intensive 1

Spiritual formation emphasis with missional formation konstant & Launch of Capstone Missional Community Project

Ongoing Incubation 1A

Virtual Intensive 1

Ongoing Incubation 1B

Physical Intensive 2

Leadership formation emphasis with missional formation konstant | Update on Capstone Project

Ongoing Incubation 2A

Virtual Intensive 2

Ongoing Incubation 2B

Physical Intensive 3

Communal formation emphasis with missional formation konstant | Update on Capstone Project

Ongoing Incubation 3

(Capstone focus for 2 months)

Virtual Intensive 3

K Formation consolidation | Capstone Celebration & Commencement Ceremony

Between intensives, leaders in the incubator pursue individual work as well as personal projects and are positioned to meet with a coach and their peer group.

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